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The Smarter Way
To Get A Loan

The Smarter Way To Get A Loan

We provide quick small to medium loans to
businesses and individuals in Nigeria.

We provide quick small to medium loans to businesses and individuals in Nigeria.

About Us

Turning Financial Dreams To Reality

Captis is a lending and investment company that offers small to medium loans to individuals, salary earners and business owners, as well as investment vehicles that bring a high return on investments.  

What We Offer

Our Financial Expertise For Your Financial Inclusion


Experience our customer-centric loan product and see why many prefer us as their lender. With us, you can be sure of an easy, fast and friendly loan experience every time.

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We give you almost twice the return you can get from other investment vehicles, at less the risk. We are built to grow with you and your goals—no matter your current financial status.

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why choose us

We are Building A Sustainable Future.

Fast Disbursements

We do not have long waiting periods. In most cases, it takes just 24 hours for your account to be credited with the loan amount.

Competitive Interest rate

Whether you are taking a loan or making an investment, our rates are extremely attractive. Your mind is at ease of getting affordable loans and high returns on your investments..


There are no hidden charges that you surprisingly discover after you have taken a loan. Everything you need to know is disclosed before you make any important decision.

Apply in three easy steps

Easy Application Process.

Apply For Loan
Fill out our form, detailing the amount you need, duration and repayment terms.
Enter Personal Information
Submit your personal information to ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements.
Get Your Money
Once your loan request is approved, we will disburse the money immediately to your bank account.

How much money do you need?

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Client testimonial

What They Say About Us

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My experience with Captis was an amazing one. My father suddenly fell ill and we needed to do an urgent surgery for him, but I didn’t have the money required. A friend told me about Captis and I decided to apply for a loan. I got it in 24 hours and my father was able to do his surgery on time. Thank you Captis
Adanna Ugochi
Untitled design (43)
My business was on the verge of a breakdown but with the Captis business loan, I revived it. I took a loan of ₦750,000 and it helped me a lot, to the extent that I repaid the loan quickly because business was doing really well
Emmanuel Taiwo
Untitled design (44)
In 2019, things were difficult for me and I had to take a loan from Captis Investment to pay my son’s school fees. The process of getting the loan was so simple and fast to my surprise. I was so happy I did not have to go through the cumbersome process at the bank, and the interest rate is also better at Captis
Isaac Bankole
Untitled design (45)
When I wanted to start investing my money, I was not knowledgeable on how to go about it. I found out about Captis and contacted them. I spoke with a lady who was very warm and put me through on what would be most beneficial to my financial status. I have since made 2 investments which are very profitable. Also, I recommend Captis to my friends who want to invest, because the service is outstanding
Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji